JB & also more progress

Jun 6, 2017

I’ve had this Justin Beiber song stuck in my head since it was playing at the doctors office this afternoon, but it keeps inevitably morphing into this parody whenever the dj in my head gets to the “month of underwear” part. So there’s that.

In other news, thanks to my super nice and awesome mother-in-law and Bryan’s oldest sister and her family coming out to visit and watch our kids and pick Olivia up from school this afternoon, I got to meet with an accountant (ok, but weird–prob gonna try and find a different one), go to the doctor (baby’s looking good–couldn’t bribe the ultrasound tech to find a non-crisis type reason to have them do the c-section today), aaaand–surprise!–Staples called and said my order was ready for pick up so I got that on my way home AND they even did it all right and it all looks so so good and even better than I imagined. Yaaaaaay.

Plus extra props to Bryan’s family who came to visit us and babysit and be super nice and even made dinner for all of us to eat together. They kept apologizing for being in the kitchen and I kept telling them to please come back and do it every day.

Also, baby Henry moves so, so much.

Tonight Bry helped me set up some extra folding tables in the basement (a.k.a. my studio) and we watched The Office while he put together a storage shelf from Ikea to hold all our food storage stuff in the back room and I started assembling kits. Whoop! It took longer than I thought, but this is probably the part of the work that I enjoy most, so I’m just, ya know, enjoying it. And hoping that all the stuff I just had printed doesn’t have any typos or blaring mistakes. And that I don’t forget to include anything in the kits I’m assembling. And that people actually want to buy them. (Insert eeek face.)

And now it’s almost 1am and I’m super tired, so the end.

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