Another invisible post

Jun 2, 2017
I still need to do something to reroute the URL, so the blog’s still not working, so I’m writing this in my email and I’ll post it once my website is resurrected.
It’s been a long day of organizing bathrooms and closets and driving back and forth places, so I’ll keep it short and just say that something I re-learned about myself this evening is that I’m way more motivated to do things if other people who are home are being productive too. Like, I’m more willing/motivated to go take a shower and not feel like I’m wasting valuable work time if I know Bryan’s going to spend that time cleaning up the kitchen so it’s not such a mess. Or I’m more motivated to work on things if I know Felix is napping and I have a limited amount of time to get things done. Not rocket science, just something I re-noticed again today.

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