Make that 44 min

May 31, 2017

Woke up at 7am and I’ve just been laying here in bed for the past 36 minutes because…

  • If I get up I have to check my blood sugar and then my whole day of living on a 2 hour timer and having to think about food and eat stuff I don’t care about starts
  • Instagram
  • If I lay just right I can sort of pretend I don’t feel hugely pregnant
  • We bought a new mattress (yay!), but no boxspring or platform bed or bedframe or anything yet, so when I get out of bed I have to sort of roll over onto the floor and hold onto the windowsill to pull myself up and I’d imagine it’s about as not-flattering to watch as it is not-so-comfortable to do
  • The kids are awake, but it’s nice and quiet up here
  • I’ll have to get dressed in clothes that are less comfortable than my pjs
  • I’ll have to start, ya know, doing things

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