Been done/To do

May 29, 2017

There’s still a good chance I won’t get everything done to get the kits and PDFs for the quiet pages listed before the baby comes. Mainly because it’s a baby and no amount of scheduling can tell you for sure when the baby will come. But also because it’s just hard to know how much I can get done or if I’ll still have the energy to keep knocking things off the to-do list. BUT! I’m getting much, much closer. 

As of this evening I’ve finished cutting allllllll of the felt and fabric for all of the kits. (Whoop!) And I ordered more of the packaging materials I’ll need AND my super nice friend’s super nice husband re-photographed all of my cover photos for me and edited them to look super nice, which means now as soon as I have those files I can drop them into the PDF and other files and finally move forward on getting things printed. (Yay!)

Still need to 

  • Talk to an accountant, but I already emailed one that a friend recommended, so hopefully I’ll hear back tomorrow after the holiday weekend. 
  • Figure out what to ship the kits in (aka what to put the packaged kits into that I can stick a shipping label on–mailer bags? Boxes? Not sure yet) and buy that
  • Order the stamp to use inside the kit boxes to label batch info to be CPSC compliant
  • Link the new business bank account to the Etsy shop
  • Upgrade this WordPress site so I can put my custom url on it & switch it to a landing page instead of just coming straight to the blog 
  • Use consistent branding on this site/my Etsy shop
  • Take sample kits to the local shop that wants to carry them
  • Actually put the kits together & list them in my etsy shop

So… yeah, I’ve still got some stuff to do. But this list is getting significantly shorter and more doable! There is hope! Unless the baby comes tomorrow and that would be great too because, duh, then I’d have a cute new baby and I wouldn’t have to be pregnant anymore. 

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