Finally getting stuff done (whoop!)

May 26, 2017

Good news! I finally got some things done for the business!

  • Found a bank that doesn’t make you have a minimum balance for a business checking account
  • Filed the stuff I needed to with the county for running a business from my home
  • Got my county business license
  • Reformatted all of the patterns and instructions to the right size for the kits
  • Finally typed up and illustrated the instructions for the tote bag to go along with the PDF and kits
  • Updated a bunch of stuff on the PDF, but it still needs some work
  • Emailed an a local accountant that a friend recommended, so maybe I’ll be able to set up something with her next week and meet with her soon
  • Dropped off the sample quiet pages and tote bag to a friend’s husband who’s being super nice and is going to try and re-photograph them for me and hopefully get rid of the shadows in the white space behind them (exciting, I know)

It’s amazing how much can get done when Bryan’s home from work and I have big chunks of time to work on things. I really do function best that way. Hopefully tomorrow I can go over in the morning and set up my business bank account and maybe, just maybe, even finish up the big monster PDF of the complete kit.

Anyway, it’s been a good productive day, but it’s super late now, so peace out.

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