Mostly boring house update

May 16, 2017

Trying to make the most of my waiting room time at the doctor’s office again. I’m happy to report that our house is looking less and less room-of-requirement-y by the day and there are hardly any boxes left in the front room now. The bedrooms are all either empty except for a bed or a total mess, but the kitchen is completely put away (whoop!), and both my sewing area and the playroom in the basement are furnished and put away! 

Still need to get a desk for the office and some bar stools for the kitchen island and to paint the kitchen table and chairs we bought at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. Also still need to set up the shelves in the library so I can unpack all the books. 

We have two small front rooms that you see right when you walk in the front door. One was clearly meant to be a dining room and the other seems like it should be a sitting room/piano room kind of area, but since we don’t have a piano or dining room furniture we decided to make the space work for us and (at least for now) use the dining room as an office and the sitting room as a little library. 

We live close enough to my in laws that we’re not very likely to actually use a dining room anytime soon since, if there were a big meal, it would probably be at their house anyway. And I do hope we get a piano sometime soon since Bryan actually plays really well and I’d like for the kids and me to learn, but we can make room for it once we actually have one. 

We have a fairly big storage area in the basement that’s pretty full of random boxes right now, but it’s so nice to have a place to get it out of the way and then we can sort through and organize it when we have the time and energy–whether that be in a few days or next year. Though hopefully a little sooner than next year since I know there’s some food storage somewhere in that heap. 

In other house news, we haven’t had gas (heat, hot water, gas for the stove, etc.) since we moved in. We did everything right to have it switched over/turned on before we moved in last week, but there was some clerical mistake and they forgot to take care of it. They’re supposed to be coming to turn it on today, so hopefully that actually happens. 

Welp, still waiting but all out of boring news to update you with, so I guess I’ll sign off. Hope you’re all having an exciting Tuesday. 

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