Moved in! 

May 13, 2017

We officially moved into the new house today! It’s been hours and hours of packing loading and unloading (and even some unpacking–woot!), but we finally have all our stuff out of the rental and into our new house! It looks remarkably like the room of requirement on our main floor right now, but I’m just so happy it’s all in and done. 

Unpacking is way less pressure to me than loading and unloading and all the heavy lifting that goes with it. If I weren’t pregnant I wouldn’t even mind that part, but, well, let’s just say my body protested anytime I even so much thought about being a noticeable degree of helpful. 

But I’m happy to report that I got most of the kitchen unpacked and put away after the kids were finally in bed and Bryan was returning the moving truck. It’s amazing how much faster it goes putting things away than packing them up. 

Anyway, it’s crazy late and we’re all wiped out, so I’m off to bed. G’night! 

4 thoughts on “Moved in! 

    • katielewisstudio says:

      It was super late & I was super tired when I wrote this post last night & I didn’t realize that I forgot to give it a title until after I hit publish. So I guess WordPress assigned it a random number until I fixed it. Buh.


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