We bought a house

May 12, 2017

We finally officially bought a house today. We did the final walk through this morning, signed the closing papers, and got a red Dixie cup full of all the keys. (Not sure why there are so many. It’s just a regular house.) 

Then we spent the rest of the day moving in with the small loads we could fit in our cars. Or I guess I should maybe clarify that Bryan spent the whole day loading and unloading both cars and I helped drive one car back and forth a few times. 

I’ve actually grown to kind of love moving and sincerely wish I could be more involved with all the actual, well, moving, but being super pregnant isn’t really conducive to heavy lifting or having any actual energy, so I’ve been a pretty useless sidekick today. Well, a winning sidekick in the growing of a hopefully very healthy baby boy, but a total dud in the helping-move-boxes category. Though I did help pack several boxes and of course kept an eye on Felix as he played with legos at the new house while Bryan unloaded a million boxes and I almost fell asleep on a big pile of blankets. (Why we have that many blankets I’ll never know.) 

Anyway, today has been exhausting for Bryan since he basically moved 2/3 of our belongings all by himself and exhausting for me because I’m growing a baby and exhausting for Felix because he didn’t take a nap, and not so exhausting for Olivia because she was at school for most of it and then just got to join in the fun, but all around it’s been a really, really good day. 

I’ll never forget the moment when we walked inside our brand new house all by ourselves for the first time and Bryan just looked at me and looked around at the house and then got teary-eyed. It’s good to finally be home. 

Or at least it will be tomorrow after we move our beds and can actually start living there.

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