People who lose the ability to pinch, I dunno from where they summon the will to go on

May 11, 2017

Let’s be honest, I could probably title all of my posts from now until the day I die with West Wing quotes and never run out. Not saying I will, just that I could.

Anyway… there’s this one episode where one of the assistants, Donna, is trying to get her boss to switch to more ergonomic computer and desk equipment and in the midst of their conversation she starts spouting off a bunch of side effects of carpal tunnel, hence the reference. I keep thinking about this scene lately because I’m pretty sure I have it–carpal tunnel, I mean. Mostly I’m pretty sure because that’s what the doctor told me he thought it was.

It’s mostly been in my left wrist, which is weird since I’m right-handed, but convenient since, ya know, I’m right-handed.

I’m sure it’s from typing and holding my phone so much, but it manifests itself most when I sleep. Somewhere over the years I got in the habit of sleeping with my arm and wrist under my pillow (probably to make up for our terrible mattress) and lately I’ve woken up several times in really acute pain, feeling like my wrist was or is about to be dislocated.

I have a wrist brace I’ve had for a while from something else, so I’ve been wearing that to help stabilize the muscles and keep things in place. Usually if I wear it for an hour or two and then take it off my wrist recovers and I’m ok for the rest of the day, but today it’s been worse and I’ve had to wear the brace most of the day.

Anyway, between having kids and driving places and trying to get work done (I designed the front covers for all the quiet page kits today–yay!), I haven’t been giving it much of a break. I really should, but honestly not using it at all sounds so boring.  Guess I’ll be like CJ with her dental problems and just assume it’ll go away when I die.

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