Happy quiet Sunday

May 7, 2017

Today was pretty nice. We had a big broadcast regional stake conference and the talks were really good. One thing Elder Oaks said was that, “Your phone should be your slave, not your master.” I really liked that and I know I’ll be thinking about that more.

After church we had lunch and Felix took a super long nap while Bryan, Olivia, and I packed up the entire upstairs. Both kids bedrooms are all packed now along with our bedroom and master bath and the majority of my sewing area. Some things I left out to work on this week. And of course we left out some clothes and the regular things we use every day like toothbrushes and stuff. But Bryan took Olivia’s bunk bed apart and that’s all put away down in the basement, so she’ll be sleeping on her mattress on the floor for the rest of the week, which she told me she’s excited about because, “it’ll be like Mommy and Daddy’s bed!” (Guess who hasn’t had a bed frame the whole time we’ve been living in this house.)

Anyway, I’m super happy to have the majority of the house all packed up and ready to get moved this weekend after we close on the house. We’re usually pretty wiped out in the evenings on weekdays when Bryan’s been at work all day and I’ve been momming all day, so it was nice to get it done together during daylight hours when we still had energy, not to mention Olivia to pick things up off the floor and help wipe out shelves and stuff. What a champ. Plus it was just nice, happy family time together at home.

Felix woke up later and we all had dinner and went on a little walk to try and wear the kids out since they were both pretty hyper. Then we wrote in journals and read scriptures and finished with our nightly chapter of Little Town on the Prairie while both kids (well, all three including my huge pregnant belly) insisted on snuggling in my lap on the rocking chair.

All in all, it’s been a really nice day. As much work as moving is, we’ve done it so much these past few years that we’re actually pretty good at it and know when to get started and how to make it easy on ourselves and the kind souls who help us load and unload the truck. Plus, this time we’re just moving ten minutes away, so most things didn’t have to get packed really carefully in boxes, just gathered together in bins and things enough to make it easy to load up in the car.

Here’s to a (hopefully) fairly calm week ahead and then an exciting weekend moving in to our new house!

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