So there’s that

May 3, 2017

I spent a lot of time today working on a cost breakdown for the quiet page kits and it’s left me wondering if I should even still try to do them. I want to offer them, but I don’t know if what I’d need to charge to make it worth my time and upfront cost would be something customers would even want to pay. I really don’t want people to buy it just to support me or something, I want people to buy it because they love it and they’re excited about it. But will anyone be excited if the price tag looks too high? Pricing can be such a tricky beast. 

And then I wonder if anyone’s actually interested in making the quiet pages or if it’s just fun to look at pictures of them on Instagram. 


A lot of times it’s great to be your own boss and get to make all the decisions and then other times it just means you roll numbers over and over in your head all day until your brain explodes. 

But I guess the good news is I feel well enough to focus on something other than just being uncomfortable all the time. So there’s that. 

3 thoughts on “So there’s that

  1. therealmomblogblog says:

    I think what you’ve done is really cute and really creative. You’ve come up with an idea that makes the Ambitious Quiet Book something everyone, even with limited time and skill, can create. I personally have already been chipping away at making quiet book pages for my kids for several years now so I won’t be a customer on this go around, but I think you do have a market if you can get your product out there. The good thing is that anyone who has ever considered making or purchasing a quiet book knows how beastly expensive they are, so you won’t be surprising anyone who is familiar with the product.


  2. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    Interesting to think about who a target audience is. Pattern only for young families on tight budgets, complete kits for grandparents like me? And how do you market to the different targets? You definitely know how to market to moms of young families from your previous business. Do women my age spend more time on Facebook?

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