Dear future me

May 2, 2017

Dear future me,

I powered through and finished sewing the rest of the sample quiet pages today. I admit I wasn’t entirely in the mood, but I thought it’d be easier for me to do it now than for you to do it after you move next week. I also designed and sewed a simple little tote bag to hold all the finished pages, the instructions for which you’ll need to write up and illustrate. It’s another thing to do, but it’ll be worth it in the long run to include the tote bag in the pattern pack and kits. Hopefully it’ll save you from lots of future comments and emails asking how to not lose all the little pieces. 

Question for you: does anybody actually buy these patterns and kits I’ve been working on so much? Do they like them? Just curious. 

Anyway, it’s pretty late, so I’m gonna go to bed so you won’t be so tired tomorrow. 

All the best,

Present me

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