Exciting news! (no not really) 

May 1, 2017

Well, I’ve officially made it through four consecutive months of daily blogging. Which, I suppose, is also about as often as I’ve thought about quitting it (ha!), but here I am still boring the interwebs with my daily ramblings. I’m sorry/you’re welcome. 

On Saturday I cut out all of the fabric and felt pieces for an entire set of the quiet pages so I could make samples to photograph for the pattern/kit cover. Today I sewed up the base (fabric part) for all eight pages and completely finished five of the pages. I’ll hopefully finish the last three tomorrow. 

Also on Saturday, I took a sample kit to a local friend so she could test it out and she already finished the whole thing and got back to me with some really great feedback. And the pages she sewed turned out so good! I still have some minor things to fix and update, but it was so encouraging to see how awesome her quiet pages turned out, not to mention how fast she was able to breeze through them. 

I also did other really exciting things today like email the lawyer back to figure out what I need to do next to get the LLC formed and how/when I can get language cleared for copyright stuff. And called the guy at CPSC (again) to ask if I can use poly bags to package my kits. (If you’re wondering, I can, but it has to have a bunch of info printed on the bag, so I might just go the paper envelope or cardboard box only route. Exciting stuff, you guys. 

Anyway, after reading this you’re probably wishing I’d just stop blogging (ha!), but here we are, another riveting post to add to the books. 

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