Just for fun

Apr 30, 2017

It’s nice to finally have the energy and health and mental capacity to care about anything other than the things that absolutely have to get done. This morning Bry had an optometry meeting, so the kids and I just had a quiet morning at home. They played happily together for hours, so I got ambitious and started a little project just for fun. 

It’s a little play mat, like to drive cars or build blocks on. I made simple little patterns out of cardstock and, with a bunch of fabric pieces and scraps from my stash, I hand-basted a whole little town of houses and buildings. It’s simple and fun. 

I made quite a bit of progress on it this morning before church and then later this evening after dinner I worked on it a little too. The thing itself isn’t a necessity by any means, but it sure is nice to have a project to work on just solely for the joy of doing it. I’m excited to start selling the quiet page patterns, but there’s a different kind of energy in a project that’s just for the joy of making it. 

And there’s a certain level of feeling alive, like a real human being, that comes from doing more than just surviving. It’s nice to catch a glimpse of that again. 

5 thoughts on “Just for fun

    • katielewisstudio says:

      Yeah, it wasn’t a mandatory work meeting or anything (they never do those on Sundays, thank goodness), but it was a free CE event (rare) that made it so he could get the rest of his in-person CE hours done for the year before the baby comes. Sooo yeah. Plus he still got done in time for church, so it worked out pretty well.


      • Lisa says:

        Oh nice! Mark will definitely have to work some Sundays 👎🏼 but it comes with the territory. Or just tell all the animals they can’t get sick or choke oh chicken bones on the sabbath. Sinners.

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