Been done/To do

May 29, 2017 There's still a good chance I won't get everything done to get the kits and PDFs for the quiet pages listed before the baby comes. Mainly because it's a baby and no amount of scheduling can tell you for sure when the baby will come. But also because it's just hard to … Continue reading Been done/To do

Elbow paint

May 28, 2017 Bryan is the worst and the smelliest. He took a shower after painting the table two days ago and didn't get the paint off the back of his elbows. He asks me every day if it's still there. (It is.) He asked if he could read what I was writing out loud … Continue reading Elbow paint


May 25, 2017 Today was the first day since we moved (I think) when the only time I left the house all day was to pick up Olivia from school and it was so nice. I love getting out of the house and staying busy and seeing friends, but after so much driving around lately it … Continue reading Try

Things I’d like to be better at

May 23, 2017 Cleaning Doing my hair And make up Cooking/baking Playing the guitar Playing the piano Painting Planning meals Saving money  Grocery shopping less than three times a week Photography Illustrator  Ironing Sewing with knits