Things we did today

Apr 28, 2017

This is the first weekend in weeks that Bryan actually has both Friday and Saturday off and it feels glorious and magical to not have to try to cram an entire weekend into one day. Whoop! And, to make it that much better, we have relatively no agenda, which means today we just did whatever sounded fun. Such as…

  • Going as an entire family to Olivia’s dentist appointment–just because we could (and also to let Felix see what it’s like to get your teeth cleaned)
  • Going to the thrift store
  • Buying a good table and chairs at the thrift store (planning to paint them, but it’s a good, solid set and it was even way cheaper than IKEA)
  • Driving all the way to Bryan’s parents’ house to pick something up
  • And then going to my favorite local fabric shop since we were already out there
  • Letting the kids watch lots of shows this evening while Bry went back to pick up the table in his car and I was upstairs finally (!!) working on my quiet page kits
  • Running errands by myself (without kids!) tonight
  • Watching shows until late

And we still get a whole other day of weekend to enjoy tomorrow! 

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