Moving on

Apr 24, 2017

Well, I finally tried to switch doctors today. I had kind of given up on it, mostly due to lack of energy, but after mentioning to one of my sister’s last night that I didn’t love my doctor’s office, she reminded me that it would be worth the effort to look for better care, so this morning I took her advice and looked up online reviews and figured out who my insurance covers and went in to a new office to sign the form to have my medical records released. Hopefully that will all be taken care of in the next couple of days so I can be seen by the new office later this week. Guess we’ll see.

Also today, I started packing. I had Bryan bring up a bunch of boxes and I filled them up with books and board games. Don’t worry, I didn’t pick them up, haha, just packed them up and left them where they were. Which was probably for the better because they got left right in the way so Bryan was all the more motivated to carry them downstairs after work. After the kids were in bed he dismantled the big shelf most of our books were on and carried all the pieces of that downstairs too.

I think this is going to be our easiest move yet, partly because our new house is only five minutes from the townhouse we’re currently renting and partly because we’ve moved so many times so recently that we already know which things are worth boxing up and which things will be faster to just load up in the car and which things go in which boxes, etc. As I was packing up the board games this evening I even happened to load them up in one of the boxes that was already labeled “board games” from our last move, so: win!

Anyway, it feels good to have some forward motion. Hopefully things will continue to go well. And maybe next I’ll pack up the toys (even though they don’t really need to get “packed” until the last minute because they’re all already in bins with lids) just so I don’t have to keep worrying about losing pieces and watching things roll under the couch.

2 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Megan Calkins says:

    Glad you had a better day and praying this new doctor is what you are looking for!! And after living in our last place for almost 3 years (a record) I can’t believe all the missing things we found!!! However, since so much stuff is still in boxes I feel like I’m missing everything still haha!!

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