Things that make me feel awesome

Apr 21, 2017

  • brushing my teeth sometime before it’s actually time to climb into bed
  • writing on my blog before bedtime
  • fresh sheets
  • getting all the laundry folded and put away on the same day it was washed (bonus points if I got Bryan’s dress shirts hung up right after the dryer buzzed so they don’t get all wrinkled)
  • taking a shower
  • doing the budget
  • having completely clean kitchen counter tops

There seems to be a theme here with getting things done before a deadline, you know, so I can actually enjoy the time in between getting it done and when it needed to be done without having it hang over my head. Also noticing that I wish I had done a bunch of things before it’s actually time to get in bed and all I want to do is sleep instead of a bunch of other stuff. Hmm…

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