Carrots and lies and trophies and charts

Apr 20, 2017

You guys I’m so tired. I can’t even think straight. I asked Bryan for ideas of what to write about and he just started talking to me for the millionth time about how carrots don’t actually help your eyesight. Which is an interesting enough anecdote about WW2, but maybe not if you’re married to an optometrist and you’ve already heard it a bazillion times. (P.S. I just looked over at Bryan and he was on his phone and I asked him what he was doing and he really was looking up that story again.)Β 

Anyway, today was super chill and nice and not super eventful, so I don’t really have much to say. A good friend came over and we mostly sat around and chatted and played with the kids, so I didn’t really get anything done, but in a good way.

Also, I can’t help but feeling that nobody was anywhere near as impressed with my $4 diaper achievement as I wanted you to be. Even when I posted about it on IG today nobody really cared. I feel like maybe you guys don’t understand how impressive that is? Or maybe you’ve done cloth diapers so you’re just not excited about it? Or you’ve never done cloth diapers so you don’t know what a good deal that is? I mean I thought I laid it all out pretty clearly, but maybe not because I feel like if I had communicated it effectively you guys would be having trophies made in my honor or something. I’m just sayin’.

Also, aside from my appointment with the nutritionist lady today to follow up about my gestational diabetes, I haven’t had a single doctor appointment this week, which is kind of a big deal. Even though at my appointment the nutritionist lady basically said that what I’ve been eating is good, but that I need to be better about having my meals closer to exactly two hours apart and I was like, “Ok, but what about when real life happens and that doesn’t work? Does that make sense?” and she just kind of stared at me and repeated the whole thing over again. She was nice and way better than the actual doctor I saw last week, but on the whole I’m getting reeeeal tired of being looked at like a medical chart instead of like an actual person. (Only two more months. Only two more months. Just have to keep repeating that to myself.)

Anyway I’m tired and obvi just need to go to bed, so peace out.

7 thoughts on “Carrots and lies and trophies and charts

  1. Ma says:

    I AM IMPRESSED! I just try not to think about it cause then I’ll wish I did it too. And then I would have to get ride of my pillow filling and store the diapers in there.

    And also, Nora is always coming home with these amazing facts that she learns from her school mates, which she repeats several times a day. A recent one was, “Did you know, Anya’s uncle once ate so many carrots he could see through A WALL.” So tell Bryan that he might not be right, according to my sources.

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  2. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    I didn’t reply to the diaper post because 1) I’m your mom and maybe you get tired of too many mom comments because maybe that’s not cool or something, but you can’t really come out and say that because I’m your mom and 2) my diaper comment of course had to do with when YOU were in diapers and maybe you don’t want me posting that in a public forum. So. But. Since you asked for it, I would like to mention that I am WAAAAY impressed with your amazing shopping and bargain snatching skills. You are cool 😎 and you rock. Frankly, I’m just amazed by 21st century cloth diapers. So many snaps! So many colors! So easy to do the poop thing into the toilet! When you were a youngun’ we were fancy if we had “prefolded” rectangular white cotton cloth diapers. Although I actually preferred the plain diapers that I folded myself because they dried so much quicker. And what ever happened to diaper pins. They came in handy for lots of things, not just diapers. And ammonia buildup was a real thing. Ugh. So many rashes on those poor little bottoms. I used to put a “glug” of vinegar in the wash load to try to counteract it. Love the feel of diapers dried on a clothesline. The end 😘

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