How to win at parenting: Easter edition

Apr 15, 2017

Ok, ok, thanks for sticking with me through all the annoying late night whining. I’ve decided to be done with that for now, mostly because it’s just boring to read. So now I’m going to brag about one of the few family traditions we’re totally awesome at: the yearly Easter basket scavenger hunt.

Every year (for each kid) we hide eggs with little clues around the house that lead them to their Easter basket filled with goodies. I remember my mom doing this for my siblings and me when I was a kid. I don’t remember a lot of the particulars, but I do remember one of my clue eggs being hidden in the fishbowl one year. Can’t remember how the paper with the clue didn’t get all wet… but anyway, it was fun so now we do it with our kids (sans fish).

Olivia LOVES this. When we saw a sign in Target a few weeks ago mentioning Easter the first thing she said to me was that Easter was her favorite holiday (f.y.i. kind of a lie because she’s seven and says that about every holiday) but theΒ reason she says it’s her favorite is because of the Easter basket scavenger hunt. Which is true and makes us the most awesome parents. (But, yes, I also explained that Easter is important because we’re celebrating the resurrection of Christ, which is obvi the most important, but not the point of this post.)

When the kids are really little and can’t read or don’t understand brilliant rhyming clues, Bryan uses his magic drawing skills and just draws a picture of where they’re supposed to go to find the next clue. Felix gets the drawing clues this year because: he’s three. But now that Olivia’s older we write rhyming clues, which she does pretty well with. In fact, we just finished drawing/writing/hiding all the clues tonight so we can let the kids find their Easter baskets tomorrow after breakfast and I predict that both kids will love every second of it, but that Olivia will complain about:

  1. Slant rhymes
  2. The fact that in one of the clues I indicated that she keeps glue in the organizer on the back of her door, even though she hasn’t had glue in there for some time now (but in my defense, sheΒ used to. And it rhymed. So there.)

Aside from this,Β I expect our children’s love for us as exemplary parents to be fully renewed once again as they excitedly follow the clues to their Easter baskets full of goodies. Aaaand maybe if I’m lucky it will also make up for how boring I’ve been this entire pregnancy/every other day of the year in general.

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