Thank goodness for a regular boring day

Apr 11, 2017

It was nice to get out of the house today for something other than a doctor appointment. We had a chill visit with friends and the kids played and then we came home and Felix didn’t take a nap (boo). When he came out of his room the second time I told him if he came downstairs he needed to be a happy boy and he said, “but I AM happy,” and it was mostly true. 

Later the kids and I went to Target and then they played with some measuring cups and bowls of water out in the sunshine on the deck. While Bry was getting dinner ready we let the kids watch “Ice Age,” which we checked out from the library last week. This was thanks to the position paper Olivia wrote without prompting for Bryan and me at lunch, which outlined all of her reasons she thought we should watch it (I didn’t have to go to the church for mutual tonight like usual, the movie has animals “and they save a baby”). Bryan wrote back that if she did all her chores we could do that, so she scurried off to do all her chores and landed herself a movie night with a super squirmy brother who later tried (and succeeded) to knock a chicken nugget out of her hand while she ate. Man, kids. Oy.

Tonight after the kids went to bed I royally whomped Bryan at rack-o and then we folded laundry together like newlyweds because we’re just that cute. (But also because if we do it together then I can sit on the bed to fold laundry and not get up at all while Bryan walks around to put it all away. Laziness plus teamwork ftw.) Then he moved on to washing dishes and listening a podcast while I ate my egg and chocolate banana smoothie.

And now I’m just stalling while I write on my blog instead of cleaning up like I probably should be doing since it turns out our landlord wants to start showing our townhouse to new renters this weekend. You know how when you go to look at houses some look all nice inside and some are like “oh bummer real people live here and it’s a mess”? Ours is definitely the latter right now. And not that I’m as invested in cleaning up to help our landlord get new renters as I would be if we were responsible for selling our townhouse or something, but still. I’m all for at least sort of looking like we’re tidy, respectable people.

Or maybe I’ll just go to bed. Hard to say.

2 thoughts on “Thank goodness for a regular boring day

  1. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    Your definition of boring day sounds like fun productive day to me. And could I please borrow Olivia for a couple of weeks and I’ll just have her take over my sophomore classes to teach the “argumentative writing” unit, ok?

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