Here’s to being jell-o

Apr 8, 2017

Despite waking up feeling like I was already behind on the day and couldn’t open my eyes, today turned out to be a pretty nice Saturday.

The kids and I went to a bunch of yard sales around our neighborhood and ended up getting a bunch of good baby gear for cheaper than it would have been to buy even one of those items on clearance, then we came home and I got a shower and shaved my legs (insert olympic gold medal here), then went to a baptism for some of Olivia’s friends in her primary class, followed by a lunch at one of the friends’ houses, followed by a family trip to the library after Bryan got home from work, followed by a stop at the new Cabela’s to see the big fish tank (though not nearly as big as the one in West Virginia, but, then, that’s West Virginia for you), followed by homemade pizza and fresh fruit salad that Bryan made while I sat in the rocking chair and looked at a good Martha Stewart kids craft book I checked out from the library and then the kids ate out on the deck at our new (to us) mini picnic table we picked up at a yard sale this morning which meant Bryan and I got to eat semi-peacefully on our own inside while I thoroughly whomped him at rack-o, followed by cuddles and stories on the couch with the kids, followed by the kids going to bed and Bryan cleaning up the huge mess of a kitchen while I watched My Best Friend’s Wedding as I laid on the couch, followed by me writing this while Bryan looked at his map books.

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