Current contradictions

Apr 6, 2017

  • Want to get rid of one million things, but also want to go thrift store shopping.
  • Want to get going on my little business, but also don’t want to work on the patterns.
  • Want to work on something fun, but also just want to sit or lay down or sleep.
  • Want to be done being pregnant, but also want a healthy full-term baby.
  • Want to not fail round two of the glucose test tomorrow, but also want to have all the sugar.
  • Want to feel pretty, but also never want to do a single thing at all with my hair… or face… or shower ever.
  • Want to write this, but keep getting distracted by Daniel Tiger.
  • Want to read all the books Felix brings to me, but also just want to sleep every time I sit down.
  • Want to start packing for our move, but also don’t don’t want to lift anything.
  • Want to be a fun mom over spring break next week, but also that sounds mega exhausting.

Wish me luck.

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