To sit on the cloud

Apr 2, 2017

I always enjoy watching general conference. It’s like a super uplifting kick in the pants. And more often than not I come out of it with answers to questions or a personal list of things to work on. This conference weekend has been no less inspiring, but it’s been different in subtle ways. I didn’t come into it with any big questions. And while I expected to feel that familiar Spirit, I didn’t expect my worries to disappear. But, like daily scripture study and prayer somehow compensates and cures and prepares and protects us from seemingly unrelated things, just being present and watching conference and listening to all the messages has reminded me of what I already knew: that Heavenly Father is at the helm.ย 

He knows me, both who I am and who he wants me to become. He knows my heart. He knows my husband and my children. He knows my body and all that I’m currently experiencing. And while I’ve never understood that to mean I won’t have trials and hardships and heartache, it does mean that he will stay with me through whatever he might have prepared to help me and my family become all he wants us to be.

It may well be that there are difficult days and weeks ahead. But I’m trying my best to walk into them with a more clear focus. Like Aslan says to Jill Pole when they’re in His country at the beginning of The Silver Chair, these things are easy to remember up here. They will not be so easy down there. No doubt I’ll make mistakes and have fears and worry anxiously again, but all the same, it’s been good to come back up and sit on the cloud and remember more clearly, even if just for a moment.

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