A brief and much needed respite

Apr 1, 2017

Sorry for all the worry I caused yesterday. I mean, I know the post was titled “worry,” but I just meant my own worry. I’m sorry I passed it on. It definitely wasn’t my intention and, truth be told, I’d rather not go and tell a bunch of people, but I was pretty emotional when I wrote it and it was just what spilled out.

That being said, today has been a better day. Aside from being with family for general conference and having all the peace and uplifting spirit that always comes with that, I spent the entire day either sitting or lying down (except for my many trips to the bathroom). My body really needed the rest. So did my mind. Thank goodness for general conference weekend.

I’m still feeling anxious about Monday and what news it may or may not bring and what steps might need to happen next, but I at least feel like there’s nothing more I can do about it besides rest this weekend, so I’m doing that and trying to enjoy this brief time in between my appointment yesterday and whatever news I might have on Monday. Baby’s still moving a lot and in general I’m feeling physically ok, so I’m just going to leave it at that.

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