There is no point to this post

Mar 30, 2017

I woke up in a hurry, which rarely happens these days. I had made an appointment for an oil change on my car at 9am, so when Bryan and the kids woke me up at 8:45am to say family prayers before Olivia went off to school, it was go time. Luckily the oil change place was close by and it all worked out, but eating only a banana and a pear for breakfast and staring at what Bryan referred to as my “yearly allotment of live television” just didn’t cut it. 

Even now, two and half hours and three reeses PB eggs later, thinking feels like hard work. Focus feels like driving with a cloudy windshield. (Luckily my real windshield is squeaky clean after the service guys washed it when they worked on my car.) I want to sleep or do something, but I’m stuck in that tired in between when either one seems like too much work. Plus I have a little blonde three year old playing pretend with a pink ear checker thing from the doctor kit next to me and if I fall asleep he’d be on his own. To be completely honest, that happens often enough, but usually I at least turn on a show for him first and right now I’m too tired to get up and do that.

I think I maybe had a point to all this when I started writing, but I forget what it was now. This brain fog is thick and penetrating. Anyway, Felix is buzzing and pretending there’s a bee in his mouth now (which def isn’t true because if there was he would be FREAKING out) so I’m gonna go.


One thought on “There is no point to this post

  1. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    Oh man that kind of tired. I remember when you kids were small I would sometimes have to lie down on the couch and assure myself that if anything terrible happened I would wake up immediately, or that one of you kids would have sense enough to wake me up. Nothing ever happened. At least I don’t think so. But I truly could not keep my eyes open. So tired. Brain fog is real. Pregnant mama work. Is. So. Hard.

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