Some things I did today

Mar 28, 2017

  • ordered over $60 of wool felt
  • read a good friend’s essay about adoption
  • exchanged a shirt I bought at old navy
  • left mutual early because it smelled so bad
  • finished watching the first season of glee
  • didn’t feel all that interested in watching the second season of glee
  • simultaneously def missed west wing and its superior writing
  • threw up this morning
  • got toothpaste on a new shirt but luckily the shirt was black
  • brushed my teeth twice
  • brushed my hair zero times
  • got a rude eye roll vibe from some sixteen year old boys
  • was the only driver in the d.c. area going the speed limit
  • laid on the couch for over an hour this morning
  • ate a nectarine for breakfast
  • and a pear for lunch
  • just forgot how to spell pear and had to google pair vs. pare only to realize it was neither
  • gave olivia four hair buns for crazy hair day
  • ate a cookies and cream milkshake from chick fil a

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