Blessings of babysitting I guess

Mar 29, 2017

Bryan’s cousin came over this morning with her little boy who’s about the same age as Felix. She had an eye appointment with Bryan so I offered to watch her son while she went. The boys played great and were chill and it wasn’t a big deal. What is a big deal is how much cleaner my house is and how productive I was this morning because of it. 

Like, Bryan’s cousin is totally not the kind of person who would ever really notice or care if our house was super clean or not. She’s chill and normal and stuff. BUT she is the kind of person who’s house is always super clean and cute every time we go over there and knowing she was coming sent both Bryan and me into a cleaning frenzy this morning. When we woke up this morning there was a big pile of dirty dishes and a bunch of laundry that needed to be done and floors that hadn’t been swept in a while and a bunch of other small things like that we just hadn’t bothered to clean up. But, ya know, in an effort to not be gross, we cleaned up a ton and now the house is super nice and clean and more organize and put away than it’s been in weeks. I even did several loads of laundry and folded it and put it all away.

And because productivity is contagious I also finally took care of a bunch of random amazon returns that had been sitting in the corner for weeks (sadly most of them had to be returned by last week so I guess we’re keeping them, but whatevs because at least it’s finally cross off of my mental to-do list).

The other great thing about cleaning up is that we discovered a tote bag full of leftover tupperware (some of which still had food in it) leftover from lunch at the zoo last Saturday which turned out to be so gross and smelly that even Bryan threw up washing it out this morning, which wasn’t great, but what WAS great is that the weather has been super nice out today and because it smelled so bad in the kitchen I opened up all the doors and windows on multiple floors of the house and (this is the good part) we finally had a house full of fresh air for the first time in months. It’s so fresh and glorious now. And, bonus, the bad smell is gone. Though our favorite Cape Cod tote from our vacation a year or two ago is now tragically crumpled after having to go through the washer and dryer. I considered trying to iron it, but then I remembered it’s a tote bag and I don’t care that much, so I just put it back in the bin with all the other tote bags.

Anyway, my feet are tired and I feel a little brain dead after being so productive this morning, but man, fresh air and having a clean house full of stuff that gone done is so refreshing.

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