Maybe tomorrow

Mar 24, 2017

Blahbity blah blah. I had stuff I was going to write about but then I came home from a service activity with the young women and it was great but I was ready to just lay on the couch and not do anything and now I don’t feel like writing, but I made a goal so here I am. 

Hopes for tomorrow:

  • that the weather will be as good as it’s promising
  • that I’ll keep my cool driving to and from downtown
  • that parking won’t be full like last time
  • that my body will be up for walking around with two kids without Bryan to push the stroller
  • that I’ll get a shower at some point during the day
  • that I’ll get to drink one of the orange san pellegrino sodas I bought at costco today
  • that the laundry will get folded and put away
  • that I’ll feel energetic and not tired
  • that I’ll have time to get lunches and snacks ready in the morning
  • that I’ll get up on time
  • that I’ll have a grand revelation about how to organize the document layout for the patterns I’m designing
  • that I’ll finally work up the energy to take down the new pack and play I bought on clearance earlier this week and set up to make sure it had all the parts and haven’t bothered taking down yet
  • that I’ll finally have the energy to write about nsync and the backstreet boys and cat stevens

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