Slow and steady

Mar 23, 2017

The gravitational pull of the couch has been strong lately. I’ve just been feeling pregnant and gross and tired and not up for doing much. But today (after a two hour nap this morning) I finally got some fresh fruit and veggies in my body and then got some solid work done on the quiet page patterns I’ve been developing.

I spent several hours this afternoon creating to-scale layouts of how to fit all the appropriate pattern pieces for the entire kit on the given colored piece of fabric and felt. It was monotonous, but satisfying. And it feels like I’m getting closer to having the PDF form ready. I won’t bore you with my checklist of things I need to do before it’s ready to send to testers, but the list is getting shorter (or at least more precise) which I’m happy about.

Part of the tricky thing about putting this pattern together is that I’ve been planning from the outset to offer it both as a PDF pattern that people can buy and have emailed to them and as a physical kit with all the materials and a printed version of the pattern. And there are things that make sense for a PDF that don’t make sense for a print version. In an effort to minimize my own workload, I’ve been trying to make them as compatible as possible, but I may soon be getting to a point where I’m designing two separate files. Guess we’ll see. I also need to make a decision sometime soon about whether the printed instructions are going to be bound like a little booklet or just loose pages. There are pros and cons to both. Feel free to weigh in if you have a strong opinion. The pages with the actual pattern pieces that you cut out will be loose (not bound in a booklet) either way.

Anyway, it’s late and this is mostly boring stuff that’s only interesting to me right now and probably won’t even be interesting to me at all two days from now, so the end.

3 thoughts on “Slow and steady

  1. emcondiegmailcom says:

    I’m mostly just impressed that you’re off the couch because I am definitely mostly usually on the couch and I don’t even have a good excuse like being pregnant! I just really like the couch. 😊 I’m excited to see what you end up deciding to do! I don’t have a strong opinion either way, I’m sure whatever you decide will be great!

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