Dat Funk

Mar 22, 2017

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Maybe just since last night, but it feels longer. Probably more like since the beginning of the week when we were all temporarily sick. 

Contributing factors:

  • not enough adult conversation
  • not enough naps
  • too many naps
  • too much tv
  • but also it feels like all I can handle “doing” is tv
  • not enough water
  • most def not enough veggies or real foods
  • way too much sugar
  • no appetite
  • pregnant body
  • tight budget
  • not enough Sheri Dew
  • constant drowsiness
  • lack of adult company

Things I want to do that I haven’t been doing because of the funk:

  • keep making progress on quiet page materials
  • get the quiet page patterns and instructions off to the testers
  • spend quality happy time with the kids
  • make or sew something just for fun

Things I can’t really just do right now, but want to do:

  • go on a fun vacation (preferably without a pregnant body)
  • spend 24 hours without the kids
  • move into the new house and set it up nice
  • buy furniture for the new house
  • move forward on purchasing samples for the quiet page kits
  • have the baby and magically recover super fast
  • go to the beach
  • re-dye my hair for nice highlights again
  • go on a date with Bryan


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