Baby stuff: part whatever number this is now

Mar 21, 2017

Thank goodness, we’re all doing much better today. Bryan and Olivia are back to full health. Felix still has a bit of a runny nose, but other than that he seems to be totally fine. And I’m back to being my normal worn-out pregnant self. So all is well. I kept Olivia home from school today again just in case, but she’ll go back tomorrow, much to everyone’s delight. Not that I don’t love her company, but she loves school and she’s been bored at home and I’m ready to have my boring afternoons back to myself. Though I will sure miss her help carrying in the groceries. Girl’s got some muscle on those skinny little arms.

Speaking of groceries, the kids and I ventured out to Target this morning on account of, ya know, not having any milk left in the house. While we were there we had to get diapers and wipes for Felix, so I walked by the pack and plays in the baby section. Bryan and I had already decided that we were just going to keep using the pack and play we already have, but we also agreed that the one we have is gross city, so when I spied this one on clearance for $84 I put it in the cart and brought it home. I texted Bryan to tell him and he was just as relieved not to use the gross one too. I set it up when we got home just to be sure there wasn’t anything wrong with it and, so far as I can tell, it’s in perfect, brand new condition. I know it’s dumb and first world problemy of me, but I’m really happy not to have to use the gross pack and play, especially in our nice new bedroom in our nice new house that we’ll be moving into. Though I’m totally not above using the gross one down in the basement or something in case we need a place to set baby down while the kids play.

Also, speaking of baby products, I’ve been thinking about maybe getting one of these. Someone I follow on IG did a promotional thing about them the other day and I didn’t even care so much about that as the fact that I had seen them before. Actually, I very distinctly remember being out with my sister in law when I was pregnant with Olivia. We were at Williams and Sonoma wandering around and saw a baby cook and laughed ourselves silly at what a dumb product it seemed like. Cut to a couple days ago when I mentioned to her that I was looking at them again and she confessed she thought they were pretty awesome now too.

Cuz here’s the thing. I’m totally not above buying baby food and I honestly don’t care a lot about things being organic or whatever, but pre-made baby food is kinda expensive. When our two older kids were born we were poor students on food stamps and WIC and we got all of our baby food for free, so I wasn’t worried about it. But now that we’re grown ups and have to buy our own groceries (thank goodness. I mean I joke about it, but hallelujah we’re finally able to afford our own groceries again), maybe shelling out the $150 for a contraption that steams and purees the fruit and veggies for you isn’t such a laughably bad idea.

The thing is, it’s hard to know if I’d actually like using it or if I’d get lazy and just want to buy the pre-made baby food anyway. Thoughts? Anyone used one of those things? Luckily I have a few months before the baby will be eating any kind of solid foods anyway, so maybe the random baby product gods will smile upon me and I’ll find one on clearance.

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