She stole my spot on the couch and my best excuse for being lazy

Mar 20, 2017

Some days I write early just to get “write on blog” off my to-do list and today is definitely one of those days. Yesterday morning everything was fine, but after church (like, literally right after church when we were driving to Bryan’s parents’ house for dinner), Olivia threw up so many times. We thought she was just carsick, but after it lasted well into the night and early morning, it’s clear she caught some kind of bug. Luckily she’s been doing better since she woke up around 7am this morning, but we’re still in rest and recovery mode around here.

On top of that, Felix is still getting over a small cold and poor Bryan seems to have caught it. Saturday night he said he wasn’t feeling so good and then Sunday was the opposite of restful for him. Like a saint he let me sleep in Sunday morning while he got up with the kids around 6am. Then at church he was asked to help out in primary, so he soldiered in and smiled and was patient with the kids even though he wasn’t feeling so good. He usually drives when we go anywhere together just because I don’t love driving, but he was feeling so crummy after church that he asked me to drive so he could get a break. Little did we know he was sitting in the hot seat and would end up having to turn around to help Olivia as she threw up three separate times in the space of just a 40 minute drive. It was gross and miserable all around. Pile on top of that a not-super-restful night of him getting up to help a barfy Olivia for several hours and then he still got up and went to work this morning. Poor guy. I almost wonder if he was willing to go into work when he wasn’t feeling great just because he knew it would be calm there and he might finally get a break from everything. But of course Olivia’s been feeling much better and hasn’t thrown up once since he left.

Felix is down for a nap now and Olivia’s just reading a book while I write this. I told her she could stay up until Bry gets home for lunch and then she needs to take a nap too. I, on the other hand, slept in later than everyone today (until like 8am or something), ate breakfast, and then immediately felt like I was about to fall over I was so sleepy again. Cut to Felix wandering around the main floor playing with toys on his own and Olivia watching hours of My Little Pony while I slept on the couch for two and half hours. I still feel mysteriously wiped out. I don’t know whether I’m coming down with something too or if it’s just regular pregnancy tiredness.

All this to say, I’ve already read scriptures and I really just wanted to knock this off my to-do list so I can be done with the list and guiltlessly keep laying around for the rest of the day.

4 thoughts on “She stole my spot on the couch and my best excuse for being lazy

  1. kathyhaynie1954 says:

    It’s probably about time to send Bryan’s name to the Pope or somebody so his saintliness can be officially recognized. What a guy. And YOU are a trooper too and don’t you ever forget it. Even if you did manage to avoid barf-catching duty with Miss O. I hope everyone is better soon!! 😘

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    • katielewisstudio says:

      Haha no, please don’t. They’ll want him for ceremonies and stuff and I just want him here at home! Luckily we’re all doing a lot better today. We kept olivia home from school again just to give her another day to rest, but I fully intend to bring her to target for grocery shopping.


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