Tables and beds and working for yourself

Mar 17, 2017

Me: What are you doing?

Bryan: Just checking my email.

Me: If you get one from the prince of Nigeria offering you a thousand dollars, take it. We could really use the money.

Ok, so we’re not exactly poor, there are just a lot of things we want all at the same time. You know, just little things. Like a house, and a bunch of new furniture, and start up money for a small business. NBD.

Speaking of which, I think (?) we have a closing date set for our house. Which I think (?) means we’re locked in and the sellers are locked in and as far as I know there’s not really anything that would happen now that means we wouldn’t get the house. So I think (?) it’ll be ours in a couple months?

To celebrate and since Bryan had the day off today, we went and looked at some real furniture stores (as opposed to our go-to, Ikea). Actually I still love Ikea a lot and it’s not that I feel too good for Swedish lego furniture now that we’re being fancy and buying a real house, it’s just that Ikea is great at a lot of things, but neither of those things are couches or dining room tables. Hence the search out into unknown waters.

We actually found a good kitchen table we liked at Crate and Barrel, so maybe we’ll buy that one. There’s one just like it at Ikea, but the floor model was all wobbly the day we looked at it, which is kind of a terrible sign when it comes to furniture that’s supposed to last several years. And also we’ve had an Ikea table before and it was pretty much trash. Of course the downside is that the Crate and Barrel version, sturdy though it may be, is a few hundred dollars more, but I think it’d be worth it in the long run. No luck so far in finding a good table we like for the dining room, but luckily we just dumped all of our money into buying a house, so we can’t afford to buy furniture yet anyway.

The other thing we really should buy is a new bed. As I remember it, we bought our queen size mattress and box spring used off Craigslist… over five years ago. We sat on a Casper brand mattress at one of the furniture stores today and, as Bryan put it, our current mattress feels like the cardboard box the Casper mattress comes in. But it’s ok. We’ll probably only keep using the one we have for another 5-10 years, so no biggie.

As for small business stuff, I’m still quietly plugging away at it behind the scenes. Maybe I’m being naive or speaking too soon, but I think I’ve got the instructions for all of the pages mostly done (including all the cute little instructional graphics/diagrams/whatever to go along with them). Now I just need to keep tweaking a few more things and then work on getting all of the individual Illustrator pages into a single file. And do a short list of like 10-15 other things including talk to the lawyer to hopefully have him set me up as a legit business the right way. I think if I had the time and energy (and funds) to buckle down and get it all done I could be ready to start selling in a few weeks, but I’m pregnant and my energy fluctuates a lot and we’re moving and there are a bunch of other unknowns, so we’ll just see what happens there. The good news is, I’m enjoying working on it, so at least it’s not torture to have it last a little while longer. And there’s no hard and fast deadline I’m trying to meet, which is the best (and also probably worst) thing about working for yourself anyway.

Ok well, as usual, I put off writing today until the last minute so now I’m sitting in bed with the laptop and Bryan is already asleep, so… time to sign out.

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