Next up: Website, logo

Mar 16, 2017

Well, I bought a website today. Or at least the domain name anyway. I haven’t attached it to anything yet, but it was only $20 and I know it’s something that’ll be easier to just have up front than to upgrade a bunch of printed materials and stuff down the road, so at least I have it ready to use once I have something to put it on. I think I’ll be able to just attach it here to this blog, but I have to pay to upgrade to the “premium” wordpress site instead of just the free one I have now. I’ll pay for it once I’m ready to actually do something with it I guess. I dunno. 

I was having this conversation with my sister in law earlier today, about how there’s just all this random stuff that I’ve learned from previous experiences that’s proving to be useful now. Just stuff like knowing it’s easier to buy the $20 domain name up front than have to go back and forth on other websites and end up spending more in re-printing costs than I’d spend by just investing in the domain name and the website in the first place. Not to mention the instant credibility of having a .com site. Though in this case it’s not for ego, but for fluidity and long-term convenience, both for me and for my customers.

I also started working on a logo today. I think I have one I like, but I’m going to let it sink in for a bit and see if I still like it in a week. Haha. Never underestimate the ability time has to suddenly make us hate things that we once thought were great. Trivial things, at least, like haircuts and logos.

Anyway, I’m mostly rambling now and it’s late, so I’m signing off for the night.

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