Snow Day: take 2

Mar 15, 2017

Today was a better day. Though it really didn’t look all that different from yesterday.

The kids still spent most of the day playing together and I still spent most of the day getting work done on the computer. But we did spend some quality carefree time together and there were a couple things that changed my perspective.

The main thing that turned me around from my self-inflicted mom guilt was a conversation between the kids that I overheard this morning. Olivia told Felix, “Guess what?! I don’t have school today!” And Felix responded, “You get to stay home?! Yay!” And then they spent the morning playing together. Their excitement and pure enjoyment of that time together was so genuine and I just realized, ya know? They’re fine. They’re happy to play together and the older they get, the less it’s my job to act as cruise director. It’s ok–healthy and positive and good even–for them to have hours of uninterrupted time to play together.

Though, just for the record, we did make cookies together this afternoon too. And for better or worse I realized that it was 5pm right as the first batch was coming out of the oven, so the kids and I pretty much just had fresh cookies and milk for dinner and then when Bryan came home he fed them some real food (i.e. cereal or scrambled eggs or something).

So in the end we never did paint or do anything grand (besides making a boatload of cookies), but I feel totally fine about it and I think they do too.

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