Mar 31, 2017 Like a bad omen, I sat and drank that glucose drink. It was impossible not to remember with every sip that this was what one of my best friends was doing only weeks ago when she found out at a routine appointment that she had miscarried. I drank and smiled and chatted with … Continue reading Worry


Mar 26, 2017 I put off writing today, hoping I'd be struck by a good mood and have something not whiney to say. And while there were genuinely good parts of the day and countless blessings to be grateful for, the fact of the matter is that things have been hard lately and I don't … Continue reading Truest

Slow and steady

Mar 23, 2017 The gravitational pull of the couch has been strong lately. I've just been feeling pregnant and gross and tired and not up for doing much. But today (after a two hour nap this morning) I finally got some fresh fruit and veggies in my body and then got some solid work done … Continue reading Slow and steady

Dat Funk

Mar 22, 2017 I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Maybe just since last night, but it feels longer. Probably more like since the beginning of the week when we were all temporarily sick.  Contributing factors: not enough adult conversation not enough naps too many naps too much tv but also it feels … Continue reading Dat Funk