That thing

Feb 23, 2017

Welp, I finished that custom home portrait. And brainstormed a billion more things about the quiet pages. Which I really need a better name for because quiet book pages is misleading (since they don’t actually get made into a book–they’re just individual stand-alone pages which is great for a lot of reasons I won’t bother marketing to you right now) and just saying quiet pages sounds weird. Suggestions? But anyway, yeah, the home portrait is finished and delivered and everybody’s happy. Which means I can finally, mentally, whole-heartedly, project-wise move on to other things.

So back to the… whatever I should call them. I had the good fortune of talking to a close friend today who is wise and also has a lot of good business sense and she helped me think through some of my fears and price points and all together flesh out a better plan. And we brainstormed a bunch of other page ideas which got me thinking about it even more later and now I have a big long list. Which, to be fair, I had a long list to begin with, but now it’s longer now and better and more organized. Though to be honest I might be most excited about the plastic cases.

Sorry guys, this is just my brain when I’m in planning mode. Bryan and I have time to chat in the mornings before he leaves for work, he comes home for lunch literally every day, and we hang out all evening together and even with all the face-to-face talking we do he’ll still come home and be like, “Oh yeah, I saw you ordered that thing.” Like I have a hard time catching him up on all my thinking even with all the time we get to spend together. So I won’t even try and write a cohesive blog post about it, except to say that I can feel I’m on to something worth trying. Because this is how it feels when you hit that thing. Or at least this is how it feels for me when I hit that thing. The thing I’ve been waiting for. The thing that’s really been simmering for months and I keep coming back to it over and over again because it’s a good one. Because it’s worth figuring out. Because it’s fun.

Whatever it may be for you–business or books or babies or cooking or travel or writing or artwork or, I dunno, but whatever it is, I hope you get to have that thing too. It’s the fuel that burns the fire. That makes us light up even when nobody’s watching. To feel alive like that, about something wholesome and good, even if it’s as small and inconsequential as quiet (not a book) pages–that’s something I wish on everyone.

6 thoughts on “That thing

  1. emcondiegmailcom says:

    I feel like you are so so good at finding and actually following through with these kinds of things. Things, like you said, are wholesome and good and make you feel alive. Things that help and benefit others and help you to grow also. You’re amazing! I never even know where to start and then have the hardest time following through!

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    • katielewisstudio says:

      Are you kidding me? I know from my front row seat to both adoptions just how much dreaming and stretching and reaching and figuring it all out went into both of those mountains you climbed. You are incredible my friend. And there’s just as much joy to be had from knowing how good you’ve got it and really taking the time and energy to just enjoy it.

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