Feb 18, 2017

The truth is, I wanted to post the news on instagram before I wrote about it here and I just didn’t have a decent picture or the energy to do that yesterday. It was a busy day with the ultrasound and running some errands and then in the evening I had some of the teenage girls from church over to make sugar cookies, which was so fun, but by the time I got around to writing last night I was totally beat.

I admit I was secretly hoping for a girl, but a lot of that may have had to do with getting a second chance at dressing a baby girl, especially since the 7 year old hasn’t let me have full reign on dressing her for quite some time now. Haha. Anyway, I’m just as happy to be having another boy. With kids as sweet as Olivia and Felix it’s hard to be disappointed about the idea of having another one like either of them and that’s the truth.

2 thoughts on “…BOY!

  1. emcondiegmailcom says:

    Haha, so I totally understand about wanting to dress another girl! I have a gazillion boxes of adorable baby girls clothes and I just can’t get rid of them because they are so cute and I want to use them again! So if we ever have a third, I have been totally hoping for a girl too. BUT today I was totally thinking about you because we were babysitting a little boy who is right in between my two kids. And he and M were riding in the wagon while I pushed P in the stroller behind and I was just loving watching the boys play together in the wagon. They were just being silly boys and having the best time together and it made me so excited for you!!! Having two little boys ina row will be so sweet and fun! The little brothers!

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