Sleep wins out

Feb 6, 2017

I gave up my sewing room. The kids love each other and didn’t complain about sharing a room, but they were waking each other up more and, as a result, none of us were getting enough sleep. So yesterday before church Bryan and I moved things around and put them both back in their own rooms. I thought they might be a little more broken up about it, but they both squealed with joy when they found their rooms had been moved back. Olivia told Bryan later that night that it’d be lonely without Felix in there, but that was about it. Oh well. 

It would have made more sense to move my sewing room back down to the basement, but the thought of doing that after giving up my warm, cheery upstairs room was just too depressing. Instead we moved it into our bedroom. It’s not my favorite, but also not the worst. And our master bedroom is such a ridiculously large waste of space that in some ways it makes the room feel cozier. The other upside being that I can now talk on the phone and sew while Felix is napping without worrying so much about waking him up.

At the time I was feeling rather like a martyr about it (and I still kind of am), but it’s also not that big of a deal. Mostly I just hope I can have a real, non-basement room as a dedicated studio again sometime. Maybe/hopefully when we buy a house, but who knows.

3 thoughts on “Sleep wins out

    • katielewisstudio says:

      Silly, they have earbuds with microphones now! No more break-neck cradling. (Thank goodness.) Though there is something beautifully nostalgic about chatting it up on an old banana-shaped phone right in the middle of the kitchen with a loooong curly cord all bent out of shape. Sigh, those were the days.

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      • Ma says:

        Hehe, I guessed you used bluetooth or something. And hiding in the closet with the banana phone w broken slinky curly cord was a must. I used to talk on the phone with my best friend in middle school for at least an hour every day; it was so important. “It’s almost Justin’s birthday (Timberlake), what should we do to celebrate? Can you smell what I’m holding up to the phone? Ohmygosh, it’s not corn but it is a corn chip. That is creepy.”

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