Some but not all

Feb 3, 2017

Some (but not all) things that happened today:

  • I had a normal prenatal appointment and the baby appears to be healthy and active and fine (woot)
  • I scheduled an ultrasound for this afternoon so we could find out the baby’s gender (yay!)
  • I found out the lab I scheduled it at was out of network for our health insurance, so I cancelled the appointment (boo)
  • I made an appointment for an ultrasound at a place that’s in network, but it’s not for two more weeks
  • I did the budget
  • I scheduled a haircut for Felix with an actual hair cutting person because he always screams bloody murder through his haircuts at home and maybe it’s because he knows we’re doing a terrible job, but today he was calm and chill and the girl did an awesome job and it was the best $20 I had spent in a long time
  • I just talked Bryan into making brownies

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