Baby Stuff

Jan 4, 2017

Stuff I have bought/been given for our baby so far:

  • Solly Baby Wrap in black from my super kind friend (kinda also want this one and this one and this one but trying not to be miss greedy pants)
  • Infant car seat*
  • Stroller* (goes w/infant car seat + has a ride-on thing for the bigger kids)
  • Puj sink tub*
  • A pack of short-sleeve white newborn onesies
  • An Aveda breast pump* (bought on clearance at Target, but it has terrible amazon reviews, so I think I might take it back and get a Medela which I’ve used before and liked)
  • This travel baby swing*
  • A small assortment of baby clothes, mostly size 0-3 mo and gender neutral*
  • Several small sample packs of Huggies diapers in various sizes thanks to the nice Costco sample lady
  • This baby toy for no reason other than it was cute
  • Two of these play baby wraps and this cute baby wearing book to give to the kids as presents when the baby is born

*bought on major crazy low clearance–like half off or more–because I’m awesome

Stuff we should probably try and get before the baby is born:

  • A crib or pack & play or just a new pack & play mattress thing (We still have a perfectly good pack & play with the infant insert thing, but the bottom mattress part is all warped and kinda gross but mostly it’s the warping I’m concerned about, but maybe not concerned enough to buy a new one and also I kinda want to just buy a crib because they’re a billion times less ugly, but they’re also a pain to set up and move and more expensive and in three years I won’t care about a crib anyway but if I were a baby I’d probably rather sleep in a crib with a real mattress than on a hard pack & play, but our other two kids slept in them and they’re both fine soo…)
  • Some newborn diapers
  • Enough clothes to round out a wardrobe at least for 0-3 mo
  • Extra bottles and nipples that work with whatever pump we end up getting
  • Breast pads
  • Breast milk storage bags
  • Boppy nursing pillow (maybe? I had one with Olivia and loved it and I honestly don’t remember if I even had one with Felix, but I think I did?)
  • Boppy slipcover (gosh there are a lot of hideous ones, but this one is less terrible)
  • Pacifiers
  • Pacifier clips

Can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure I’ll think of more stuff to buy later because: babies.

7 thoughts on “Baby Stuff

    • katielewisstudio says:

      Yes!! I can’t wait to put them on the kids! Of course when I first told Bryan I bought them he was very skeptical about the idea of letting a 7 and 3 year old wear our brand new baby in a wrap. He was very relieved and much more in favor of the purchased once I explained that they were for dolls and stuffed animals, not our real live baby. (Hahahahahahaha)

      And no, I still need to check on that! Was just thinking about it the other day. Thanks for the reminderrrr.


  1. Megan Calkins says:

    You are going to love the Solly and the Puj tub is amazing! I second checking your insurance for a pump, I got an ameda for free for Graham, but I still use my Medela most of the time. I like the ameda because I can pump in the car with it and not use up batteries. But the Medela does a better job


  2. Lisa says:

    For my insurance I had to have a referral from my dr for a pump and he said they have always denied coverage unless there is a need…. 😡 As of right now I haven’t persued it more but also I’m having issues, so I might be able to get one now?!


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