That thing

Feb 23, 2017 Welp, I finished that custom home portrait. And brainstormed a billion more things about the quiet pages. Which I really need a better name for because quiet book pages is misleading (since they don't actually get made into a book--they're just individual stand-alone pages which is great for a lot of reasons … Continue reading That thing


Feb 20, 2017 As I was writing up my list last night of things I wanted to get done today, I thought of several possibilities, but left almost all of them off. Since school was out for the day, I wanted to make sure to spend some good time with the kids doing fun things, … Continue reading Priorities

Just tired

Feb 19, 2017 I guess the most normal mom thing I have to share today is how tired I am. Not complainy tired, just super regular boring tired. Had a good day with beautiful weather and a wonderful sabbath and sweet, funny kids, and a delicious (from the freezer) dinner and a lot of relaxing … Continue reading Just tired


Feb 18, 2017 The truth is, I wanted to post the news on instagram before I wrote about it here and I just didn't have a decent picture or the energy to do that yesterday. It was a busy day with the ultrasound and running some errands and then in the evening I had some … Continue reading …BOY!