Things to eat

Jan 31, 2017

Things that sound good to eat right now

  • Fresh cinnamon & sugar twist donut
  • Big warm homemade cinnamon rolls with icing
  • Orange juice
  • French toast
  • Big fluffy blueberry waffles with some kind of fancy delicious syrupy glaze and sprinkled with powdered sugar
  • Those plain pink bear sugar cookies I used to get at Muno’s bakery as a kid
  • A juicy fresh ripe pear
  • Anna’s fresh warm crepes with Nutella and banana slices and powdered sugar
  • Warm oatmeal with brown sugar and a little bit of milk
  • Fresh sun-warmed berries
  • Summer peaches
  • Smooth cool ice cream
  • Warm chocolate chip cookies that have been out of the oven for just a few minutes so they won’t burn your tongue but the chocolate chips still stretch all gooey when you break the cookie in half to dip it in your milk
  • Homemade chocolate-covered peanut butter balls straight from the fridge

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