Jan 26, 2017

I love looking through the Uline catalog. Like, so much that I put one in the bathroom to flip through. I’ve chosen it over the Ensign and National Geographic. I mean not that I would every time, I’m just saying I have. 

I love looking at all the options for really sleek packaging materials. A really good box that’s fun to package up and fun to open on the receiving end. Plastic bags you can seal on both ends so it looks like you’re manufacturing on a crazy big level, but really you could just be doing it from a home office or small downtown studio. Mailing envelopes in every size.

There’s also something about the big stuff I’d never really have a use for. It’s just fun to see where the bigger or even mid-size companies might get it from. Like I’m in on their secret.

And then there’s just the fun of having access to a crazy big variety of basic supplies that you could use in a million different ways beyond the boring thing it’s meant for.

I mean I said putting surprise packages together was on my list of dream jobs. I’m just saying I’d know which boxes to use too. It’d be the sturdy white ones with the little flaps that tuck into the side so it opens up like a clamshell, giving off a vibe that’s casual and simple, but also Martha Stewart Living mag worthy.

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