Turns out I make a mean coloring sheet

Jan 23, 2017

So today I finally started trying to actually make things in Illustrator. I’m still only about a quarter of the way through my class, but I was itching to get going, so I just started messing around a little today. Also, I think the things I’m learning will stick better if I have a little experience and can go “Oh! I know what I’d use that for!” So there’s that.

I started with zero plan in mind and ended up drawing a little outline of a baby. I decided it could be a coloring sheet, so I made it bigger and added some stars. Then to go along with it I started drawing simple illustrations of my friend’s dreamy baby mobiles. And guess what? They actually looked like the things I was trying to make them look like!

After that I moved on to making a few Valentine’s Day coloring sheets–a bunch of hearts, a box of assorted chocolates, and some envelopes with stamps. They’re all really simple, but I’m kind of insanely proud of them. It’s not like I think they’re the best work ever created in the history of mankind, but printing them off and seeing them look like and BE real, legit coloring sheets and not some janky weirdo version was pretty satisfying.

There’s that feeling you get when you make something new. I made that. Look! I made that! Feeling that all over again today. It’s just the best.

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