Things I’d like to do

Jan 17, 2017

I’ve run a DIY blog for a few years, written and published a book, run a fairly successful small business, and while there’s still plenty more to do in life, for the past while I’ve been feeling a little like I’ve already done a lot of big things and don’t have any big goals or things to work toward. Not that I need work for profit, but I think it’s important for everyone to have good, uplifting, growth-inducing, fulfilling work to do. Not that raising a family and running a household isn’t fulfilling, but I think it’s important to have personal things to work toward beyond just the day to day. So I started compiling a mental list of some things I’d like to work toward over the next several months or years. Maybe I’ll change my mind about some of these things, but here’s what I have for now, some big, some little, and in no particular order.

  • Design and build a custom house for our family that is oozing with both charm and practical functionality
  • Learn to play piano well
  • Make and sell a booklet of patterns for my quiet book pages
  • Go to a fun conference
  • Learn to play guitar well
  • Learn how to do high quality graphic design independently
  • Buy a button-making press and use it for fun and profit
  • Set aside room in the budget and send care packages to friends and family regularly just for fun
  • Start another small business if and when I land on something that feels right

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