Birthday boy

Jan 14, 2017

Our sweet Felix turned three today. Between a tired pregnant mama, some cold, rainy weather, and some last-minute changes in plans that were out of my control, the day turned out to be kind of a dud, at least in the middle. Thank goodness it at least began with presents and balloons and ended with grandparents and birthday cake. 

And I don’t think little three year old Felix thought much of all the little things that changed or went wrong, but it sure weighed on my heart and added what I suppose was undue stress. Not stress over some idea of the perfect birthday party. With my energy levels and the extra things on our schedule and Bryan having to work I was never under any illusions that the day was going to be spectacular, but I guess I was at least aiming for better than messed up naps and an overcrowded mall playplace and having to carry him out of the library crying. Nobody tells you it’s going to be like that sometimes as a mom. Nobody comes out and says that sometimes special birthdays, days that we want to be special and good and fun, turn out to be mostly just regular days despite our best intentions. But that’s just how it is sometimes.

And then sometimes when you’re laying on the couch watching a show, worn out from a long day, that same sweet freshly-minted three year old turns out to need just a little more time together, a few more snuggles. And he comes in and somehow redeems the day as he reaches in his little blue sweatpants pockets and hands you one pretend carrot after another that you gobble right up between squishy kisses. Days are like that sometimes too.

And kids. If you’re lucky.

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