Fresh air

Jan 11, 2017

I went on a walk today. After we picked up Olivia from school the kids and I just went on a little walk around the neighborhood and it was so nice. I think I forgot how much I like fresh air. And how much I love our little neighborhood. Being holed up on the couch for weeks will do that to you I guess. It was the kind of weather that had Olivia convinced it was about to rain any minute, but it was fresh and cool and just felt so nice to be out in.

Other good things I’ve done today that I haven’t done in a while: laundry. Getting Felix out to play at a friend’s house while we moms sat and talked. Eating goldfish crackers. Scarfing down unnecessary amounts of Oreos after lunch. Trying something new (aka figuring out how to use/wear my Solly Baby Wrap. Success!). Getting through the afternoon without taking a nap. Feeling ambitious enough to think about tidying up (even though I didn’t actually do it). And, last but not least, getting everything on my to-do list done before Bryan got home from work, including writing on my blog. Check!

Time to go do whatever I want now. See ya.

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