Time with God

Jan 8, 2017

I spent a long time with God today, longer than I meant to, but exactly as much as I needed. And it reminded me how much better off I’d be if I’d take the time to do it more often. 

There was a time (in a different place and phase in life) not so very long ago when I used to wake up early to exercise and study the scriptures and General Conference talks and it was life-bettering. I wish my body could still handle the exercise and that I was still making that kind of time to invest in myself and my relationship with my Heavenly Father in that personal way because I was filled with a kind of energy for doing and being good that I’ve scarcely experienced in life. It was electrifying and left me so full of peace.

I want to keep striving for that, but at the same time I’m trying to be really honest with myself about what I can realistically do in a day. Waking up at 6am might not be realistic right now when my body needs extra sleep, but I’m still enjoying studying the scriptures every day and I’d like to make a point to study General Comference talks more too. There’s value in making time for the word of God and His love for us even when we don’t feel desperate for it right at that moment. I think He likes to know we want to be close to Him even when we’re not coming to ask for things. (Probably especially then.)

Keeping it short tonight so I can also make time for other important people in my life. Happy Sunday, world.

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